KOGUBEStore is a webstore that offers products and services suitable for education & school activities, which welcomes the parent & teacher communities to shop for their personal and household need. As a community service, we are also running a fund-rising platform for schools to benefit. 

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In here, headmasters & principals can source items for school activities and equipment to suit their respective schools’ needs within their fingertips. KOGUBEStore ensures all merchants are interviewed & vetted through to ENSURE the quality of products are up to standard and the offer is very economical.

Shop & Donate

KOGUBEStore is advocating a "shop & donate" fund-raising concept, which will help all Parent-Teacher Associations (PIBG) in schools to accumulate funds that can be used to assist in the maintenance and upgrading of their school. These donations are part of the social responsibility initiative of Koperasi Guru Besar Selangor Berhad in a bid to improve the school conditions in Selangor & Malaysia.

Education Business

KOGUBEStore have access to more than 890,000 students in Selangor alone, with twice as many parents and teachers for you to market your product within the chosen categories. We welcome established companies or unique enterprises to join us in making KOGUBEStore a satisfactory shopping experience.