User's Guidance

Simple steps to start selling in KOGUBEStore

  1. Apply as Merchant
  2. Setting up merchant’s store
  3. Add the products in

Step 1: Merchant Application

  1.  Click on “Merchant Application”

     2. Fill in all details needed in the form
     3. Click “TERMS AND CONDITIONS”, read and understand
     4. If you are done, click box beside “I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ”
     5. Click Submit Button
     6. Check your email that are used during the registration for your status.



Step 2: Log into your account

  1. Click on “Login or Register” to access your account.

     2. A pop up will appear for you to key in your account credentials.

     3.After successful log in, you’ll be redirected to the Store Setting page to complete your informations.
*if you’re not redirected to the page, you can click on Profile to access.

Step 3: Store Manager

  1. If you have not set up your store upon first log in, click on the settings tab to set up your store.

     2. Start setting your store in all the tabs found under “Setting”

 a. Store

   – General details for your store such as store name, slug (name to appear on url link) , store logo, shop description, store visibility setup and etc.

b. Location

   – Your shop location 

c. Payment

   – The payment method to withdraw your sales revenue

d. Shipping 

   – Shipments of products

   – Charges for your shipping can be set in this tab

e. SEO

   – SEO setup for your shop in the webpage and social medias (Facebook and Twitter) setup details

f. Store Policies

   – Important policies such as shipping policy, refund policy , cancellation, return or exchange policy. These policies will be shown in all the products published from your store as well as in your store page.

g. Customer Support

   – Contactable details for customers to make enquiries on the products

h. Store Hours

   – Working hours of your store. You are able to disable purchases when its over your working hours.

     3. You’ll be able to see the progress of your set up above the page.

     4. Click “Save” button

** Please ensure that you’ve achieved 100% progress  in order to start selling.

Step 4: Setting Up / Adding Product

  1. Click Product > Add New

     2. Fill in the details of the product

     3. You’ll be able to set your stock count, shipping, attributes and etc below the description box.

     4. Hit “Submit” to publish the product.

          ** Note: i. You can make scheduled sale by click “schedule” word (as shown in figure above).
                         ii. If you’re selling products with variations (for example: shirt with multiple color) please refer to below

                       iii. Adding attributes in simple product won’t allow customers to choose the options..


Adding Attribute to your product:

  1. Add new product > Attributes (below the product details form)
  2. Click on the check box the desired attribute(s)
  1. Fill in the details for the desired attribute(s).

          ** Make sure you fill in the product details above

Adding new attribute

  1. Add new product > Attributes (below the product details form)
  2. Click “Add” button as shown in the figure above


  1. Fill in the details for the new attribute(s).

          ** Make sure you fill in the product details above

Adding Product with variations :

To add a variable product, create a new product or edit an existing one.

  1. Select Variable product from the Product Data dropdown.

          4. Go to “Attributes” at the lower part of the product details.

          5. Select the attribute(s) that you need:

Global attributes:

  • Brands
  • Color
  • Size


          6. You can add new attributes

          7. Fill in the details needed for attribute added

          8. Make sure to tick right “Use as Variation” to make it an option for customers to select

          9. Select “Variations”

          10. Manage the Variations of the product

          11. This section, you’ll be able to set the price for different variations.

          12. Click “+” sign to add new variation to the product.

         13. Submit and your product is published!

And now You Are Ready To Start Selling!


Adding New Coupon

  1. Click Coupons > “Add New”

     2. Fill in all the details needed

     3. Click “Draft” to save the details or Click “ Submit” to publish the coupon

          **Note: Coupon expiry and usage of coupon can be set here.

Button(s) functions

  1. Home – Displays briefly on your store’s analytics as well as your sales reports
  2. ProductsDisplay the list of the products that are published by your store.

  3. OrdersDisplay all the orders made to your store

  4. CouponsDisplay the list of the coupons that had been created

  5. CustomersDisplay the list of the customers

  6. RefundDisplay the list of the refund requests that had been issued to your store

  7. SettingsAll the details of your store needed in order to setup your store

  8. Payments Display the list of payment transactions of your store

  9. Ledger BookFinancial report in ledger format

  10. ReportsDisplay the performance of your store based on sales (day, month, year)

  11. ReviewsDisplay the list of the reviews from the customers to your store and product(s)

  12. Notifications – Notifies you if there’s new order made, inquiries, refund requests and etc. You’re able to send a direct message to the Store Admin as well.

  13. Inquiry BoardDisplay the list of inquiry issued according to the product(s)

  14. AnnouncementDisplays announcement that are made by